Everything you need to know about Mark Wahlbergs’ upcoming movie ‘Our man from Jersey’

This year, Netflix has been on an acquisition binge, adding another Halle Berry and Mark Wahlberg star vehicle. In an eight-figure agreement, Netflix will produce the upcoming movie Our Man From Jersey, a "blue-collar James Bond" film. Although not much is known about the film, filming will take place across several locations and begin in March 2022. Producer...

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15 Hot Redhead Actresses In Hollywood

Our hair color says a lot about our fashion sense. Recently, many Hollywood celebrities have been seen experimenting with their hair color during the lockdown. However, these colors wash away after some time. But some natural hair colors are rare and look really special; one such color is red. And Hollywood has several hot redheaded celebrities.  Scientists say...

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10 Best Fashion Images From Riverdale

Riverdale was not only famous for its storyline but also for fashionable images, the actors dressed beautifully and set new trends in the fashion industry. Let's have a look at them. Young! Alice Okay, there are a lot of interesting images in Riverdale, but our favorite forever and ever is the image of young Alice from the third season. Everything...

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