A Guide For Buying Pocket Watches

A pocket watch is not at all an antique item or a privilege of aristocrats. This watch is created for every modern person who wants to have an original style and make an indelible impression. A pocket watch is one of the oldest types of time indicating devices. They appeared in the seventeenth century when the movement became more...

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9 Accessories to Add to Your Fall/Winter 2021 Look

Summer brought us bright and colorful combinations in jewelry. Many women of fashion chose accessories with floral prints and voluminous elements. In the fall, they also remain relevant, but designers offer other interesting options. We at joy-pup tell you which accessories you should add to your fall 2021 look. Massive chains Stylists suggest using them everywhere - in jewelry on the...

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10 Pieces of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own

What makes sexy lingerie so irresistible isn't just the flirtatious ruffles, luscious lace, and buttery soft satin, but also the incredible versatility. With so many different styles to choose from, you'll have lots of mixes and match possibilities with these sexy lingerie essentials. When you include these 10 timeless styles in your intimate apparel wardrobe, you'll always feel...

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6 Main Mistakes When Choosing Jeans

How to choose jeans? Despite the fact that at least several pairs for a variety of occasions are in the wardrobe of any self-respecting fashionista, many still make the same mistakes when choosing their jeans. Either jeans turn beautiful buttocks into a pancake, then the high waist turns out to be wider than necessary, the incorrect fit emphasizes that roundness...

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Fresh Look: 7 Fashionable Ways To Wear Loose Shirts

Today, an oversized shirt is one of the basic elements of a wardrobe. Strictness is combined with relaxation, and comfort - with versatility. Such a loose shirt is also good because it provides an excellent base for combination and experimentation. You can learn how to wear loose shirts from this article, these seven fashionable ways will help you style a loose...

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Fashionable Bags And Summer Shoes

Finally throw off slippers, put on your favorite dress or costume - and with new strength run to conquer the world! We are all dreaming about it now. But running faster and more confidently will be easier in shoes, which are not only comfortable, but also fashionable. The brand’s designers devoted a new line to girls of megalopolises, which have...

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