Top 10 Face Masks That You Can Make At Home

Sometimes proven over the years folk recipes are a good alternative to expensive cosmetics. People have been using the healing properties of many products for hundreds of years. A homemade face mask is effective, cheap, and does not have any side effects. Honey rejuvenates and nourishes the skin, eggs moisturize and soften, parsley juice relieves inflammation, and aloe is just...

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7 Mistakes You Make When Washing Your Face

Facial wash is one of the simplest cosmetic habits. Nevertheless, many make mistakes in this process. You should be aware that certain actions can be counterproductive and cause problems on your face. Remember that facial skin is one of the most delicate areas and should be handled with great care. Pay attention to your face care and change the habits that...

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Laser Hair Removal – Is It Harmful To Health: Contraindications And Side Effects

You can get rid of unwanted hair on the body with a laser. However, many people hesitate to resort to a new method of cosmetology, considering it potentially harmful. How justified are the people’s fears, is laser hair removal dangerous, and are there any special recommendations? Benefits of Laser Hair Removal The benefits of laser hair removal: Getting rid of...

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