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Are you a real-life fashion trendsetter? Do you want the world to know, how you dress and style yourself in unique ways? This could be known to everyone out there if you write for us. Yes! that’s right we are accepting guest write-ups on our site. Through Vogue Folk, you can get a chance to reach out to the audience and show then your expertise in fashion through your writing power.

You think there’s something missing out in the fashion world and you have an amazing idea/topic for all missed up stuff then we would surely welcome you on our page as “Buddy Writer”. As we are of one of the blogs which actually accept guest posts. All like-minded folks gear up your creativity and write content about fashion life that you love.

Vogue Folk is not only a fashion blog, but it’s also a way of living. Our sole purpose is to provide a lifestyle to women across the globe and beautify them more in ways that are simple, easy, and convenient with all times relevant fashion insights. There are many guest post opportunities available like ours. But being a committed entity we ensure that you get to share your fashion experience with us and our audience loves it.

Why we want you to Write for us:

Everyone has different capabilities and niche styles; the sole purpose of this activity is to bring all of them together at a single platform and create a hub for the fashion world. We want to give our readers an insight into the fashion world, health & fitness freaks’ routines, beneficial beauty tips, and exclusive home decor ideas, etc.

You can come in glam light by writing about your fashionability, personal lifestyle, and other relevant categories that can become the latest vogue. Also, it can give you an opportunity for personal branding.

What Writers or Bloggers we Prefer?

In order to contribute, your profile must meet the criteria which is listed below:

  • Must have writing experience for fashion blog/personal blogs.
  • Must be active on two-three social websites.
  • Your write-up must be unique, interesting and grammatically correct

What Category Blog Posts do We Accept?

Here are a set of categories accepted for primarily fashion guest post and here are some of the similar ones we accept

Fashion, beauty, clothing, lifestyle, trends, haircare, gifts, makeup, skincare, accessories, footwear, tips, hacks, DIY, health & fitness, home improvement & decor, celebrity, food and travel content.

Note: You must note all these articles have to follow the guidelines mentioned by us given below. In addition, they need to have a fashion sense ingrained in them. Otherwise, general articles won’t be entertained.

Guidelines for Guest Posting

Few guidelines must be followed that can increase your chance of getting your article posted you our site, just make sure it can give a good & friendly reading experience to the audience. Your article would be posted, only if it meets our standardized criteria as we won’t be sacrificing our quality.

  • Make sure you follow the same pattern of writing as of articles already publish on Vogue Folk, to maintain the symmetry.
  • Your topic must be relevant to our site and must be fashion-oriented whether its any related category , preferably pitch your topics first before writing the whole.
  • Each word should be your own, we will not be entertaining any copied content. It must be creative, shouldn’t be general things copied from google.
  • Write in paragraphs, make sure each paragraph supports the other.
  • To make the article stand out from others, you should share your personal experiences and tips that will make it more interesting.
  • Maintain a word limit of 500-800 words, could be exceeded to 1000 words if you can maintain the interest of the reader.
  • Usage of keywords is essential; make sure they are well optimized. Otherwise, they won’t be entertained.
  • Don’t forget to add quality pictures in your article, the image must be original. In case you are using someone else’s picture, give credits to them at the end.
  • Put your article(s) and used image(s) in a zip file for submission.
  • We do not prefer external links but if you are adding them, make sure they are not of commercial sites.
  • If your article gets select for posting, we reserve the right to make necessary changes to it according to requirement (if needed).
  •  You won’t be able to use the submitted article (if selected) anywhere, we will reserve the copyrights.
  • You can give links to your personal website/blog or social media account.

How to Submit:

In order to submit your content for publication, you can contact us at

Email: [email protected]

Or you can reach us out by using the contact form given below:

    For being a part of the Vogue Folk editorial team, let us know a few things about you, write a bio of 100 or fewer words make sure to mention your published writing (not mandatory). In case your article gets selected for publication, we will respond back within a weeks’ time.

    Kindly note that sending in article does NOT ensure publication only shortlisted ones would proceed further.

    Best wishes to all!